Progress Report #9

Here is my PR for 3/20/17 – 3/24/17:

In class, we worked on our final project proposals. For me and Tori, our topic is about how to become an adult by learning the basics of becoming a productive citizen.

In many schools all over the US. there seems to be a very sore lack of practical skills for high schoolers who need to learn how to write checks, do their taxes, and learning how to live by themselves.

For some, most of these skills they were taught by their family members, but for me since my parents worked so much, they almost never had time to teach me on how to cook, clean, and do things I had to do once I set out on my own.

It was overwhelming to see that I had to become an adult and all the things that came with it. I had to learn how to clean the house, learn how to cook meals by myself, to trying and failing to get job interviews and work on my portfolio.

So, hopefully with this website me and Tori have created, many young college students are going to become well informed on the practical skills in becoming a productive member of society and learning on how to get to their dream job in small, easy steps.

When Tori did the focus group, she gave out simple questions on what a college student might need to learn: finances, interviewing/job skills, and learning how to manage their household.

Yeah, it’s pretty crazy to find yourself on your own the first time and there will be things you would never thought you needed to learn until now, but for this website, I hope that many college students will get the skills they need in order to become better adults.


Progress Report #8

Here is my PR for 3/13/17 – 3/17/17:

So in class, we just started to talk about SEO, Search Engine Optimation where you have to use keywords in order to get your blog properly searched by an end user.

It’s pretty important to make sure that your blog as keywords about your topic. Google is a huge engine for searching up things all over the web. It’s great to your blog about puppies to be searched and read by people who love puppies. People search up what they like and click on things that relate to that search word.

Even in WordPress, you have (if you want) to put in keywords so you or others can find it easily in the blog.

On the downside, if you are talking about puppies in your blog, but there’s nothing about your topic on puppies, but you start to talk about the items you might need for puppies like toys, dog treats, and ect. the SEO might say that it’s not relevant to the topic enough for the end user to see it when they search up your blog.

You have to know what you’re going to put in as a keyword and also what the blog is going to be about before you do anything. For me, I usually talk about what I’m supposed to be talking about in the first few sentences of my blog post. That way, Google can see my first introduction and the keywords that come along with it and place it accordingly in their search engines.

If you understand about SEOs, how they work, and thus how to manipulate the way they work, then your blog might be the first ones searchers see about your topic and the more traffic you’ll get through your blog.

3460 Assignments

Here is my assignment about Persuasion ex.

Christina Khetsisouvanh Media and Messages

Christina Khetsisouvanh
Professor Todd
Media and Messages 3460
Persuasive Writing Ex.


  1. Describe the three rhetorical appeals in persuasive messaging. What appeal do you think is the most effective when persuading an audience and why?

The three appeals are Bandwagon, Persuasive, and Rhetoric appeals.

Bandwagon is where you tell others that everyone is doing it.

Persuasive is where you can urge the audience to do something for you like supporting the charity by donating NOW, or getting them to buy something quickly before it’s gone.

Rhetoric is where you use the Ethos, Pathos, or Logos to appeal to the audience.

Personally, I think that Rhetoric appeal works well with the audience. You get to attract the audience on the emotional level, logic/reasoning, and through your authority. It gives the audience a feeling of comfort and understanding about the message.

  1. Using three persuasive writing techniques and three “quick tips,” convince a tween to a buy a C.D. instead of purchasing digital music or using streaming media.

Persuasive – For a very limited time only, get X’s CD today for $9.99! Get it now before it’s all gone!

Rhetoric– It’s X’s greatest hits all on one CD. Classics like XXXX and AAAA all here in one package. Don’t waste your time just buying one song! Get it all on his newest CD!

Bandwagon– X’s CD is finally here! Don’t miss all the latest hits and each CD purchased includes a free full length poster!





Progress Report #7

Here is my PR for 2/27/17 – 3/3/17:

So in class, we began starting on our final projects. We made a task list that our professor gave us to make sure that our partners knew what they were doing and to be held accountable to make sure that the work is due on time.

Me and Tori basically split it up down the middle. If one person was going to recruit for the first Focus Group, then we both rotate the jobs for the second one.

The things that we had to do together like making sure that the website is running properly to creating the 2K words we’re going to have to put on the website. It’s going to be tough to figure out a topic since we can basically do anything, but we’ll figure out a way.

I already have topics in mind:

  • Volunteering around the community
  • Gaming (streaming live or editing or the reasons why people play video games)
  • Saving money while in college
  • How to make reading more fun
  • Getting to know more diverse cultures in TN

But for now, we haven’t decided on what to do yet. I’m still waiting for Tori’s topic ideas so we can finally choose our topic and work on it together.

Progress Report #6

Here’s the PR for 2/20/17 – 2/24/17:

In class, we began talking about social media and the ways a simple message can change everything. Making sure you know your audience and what type of message you’re sending to that group is important to get an audience reaction out of them.

Social media is everywhere with major news outlets getting the latest information about different parts of the world through Twitter or getting their articles to their audience in real time on Facebook. Streaming videos live so people can share their lives with millions of people all over the world has increased tremendously.

People can share their whole lives with their audience and can get paid for it! Social media has made stories that you would never hear in real life, made into reality as you watch a person live in Paris as they walk and talk about their daily life.

You also have to be careful on what you post. One little mistake and that could multiply into one huge problem that you can’t take back.

Employers will be taking a look at people’s social media to get a guess at what kind of person they are to what they are in the private lives.

It’s great to share your life or your hobbies and interests to the world, but be careful in what you’re posting online. It’ll stay there forever.



Progress Report #5

Here is my PR for 2/13/17 – 2/17/17

After preparing for our presentations, we finally present it.

For our presentation, Tori and I started our power point. We discussed our topic on Regions mobile banking and how it would protect our demographic from the potential fraud and concerns that they would have if they began mobile banking.

Our demographic was narrowed down to middle aged white men between the ages of 29-30, with an income of over 50K, and they have an education between high school or GED to those who graduated college with a degree.

This demographic are men who are banking either in person or online but have never tried to do mobile banking on their smartphones in fear of identity theft.

Everyone carries a phone that that phone as personal information you would never know it would have: emails, addresses to your contacts, to information about you as a person as you surf the web.

This demographic is more concerned about protecting their identity and their personal banking information from others due to the fact that people and technology might enable people to hack or steal into their smartphones and get their information.

As a solution, we’re sending them to Regions Mobile banking where they can do double checks on their identity by asking security questions only known to the individual and also the perks of using their application by paying bills and checking your bank account with just a text.

We’ve reassured our target audience that Regions bank is a great way to do mobile banking.


Progress Report #4

This is my PR for 2/06/17 – 2/10/17.

So in class, we started to work on our projects. Me and Tori were working on a powerpoint about our topic:

How to protect users using mobile banking. Tori was the one who chose Regions banking since she was the one who uses it.

We both chose the topic because it was relevant to our main topic: security.

People are a bit caution on online banking and it’s understandable. With personal information being shared and inputted through countless websites all over the globe, anyone would be worried about their identity being stolen or credit cards being used by a random person.

Banks are really careful to help their customers by adding in additional privacy settings to make sure that you are really you.

Mobile banking can be very scary. With many mobile bank apps offering to help do your banking needs quicker by using the One-Touch thumbprint, what if anyone could have that information with just a click of a button?

I know, it’s pretty scary and that’s why Tori wanted to use Regions bank as a company that knows what their customer wants  and needs so they can be protected at to the fullest.

Media and Messages Weekly Progress Report #3

Here’s my weekly progress report for 1/30/2017 to 2/2/2016.

So we talked about recently about messages we are sending to our audience and how it can change their opinions and points of view about what they previously thought.

Depending on what they thought about, it all depends on how to portray that message and how you word it. If you put it too aggressively then it might push away your audience.

It also depends on the media as well. For our social media, we see things that we want to see. It’s basically a place where you can see the same people who think the same and dress the same as you. It also depends on where you live as well.

If you live in a state that’s very liberal and you move to a very conservative state, then one your social media newsfeed, you’ll see on your dashboard a bit more of a closed-minded POV based on the news that’s being circulated around the area.

It’s funny how the media influences us so much that we buy or consume things without thinking critically. We are an audience that consumes passively without a thought and when the media hammers in only a few point of views and not anyone else’s then you think the same way. You would never think about another person’s POV and their opinion.

We like to hear and see things we want and block and ignore the ones that disagree with our views. But there’s a downside to this.

When we only see one part of the story and not the whole view, then we see a one-sided argument and nothing else. Since humans like people who are like them, then there’s no debate or discussion about the other side of the coin.

We grow and evolve as people when we see all sides. We tend to think critically and speak our minds if we talk to another person totally different from us. If we only have tunnel vision, then our world gets smaller and doesn’t expand.