New Media and Messages is a class where we learn about how to create content for the audience and how we can attract our audience to share, like, buy, or bring others to our website.

This is a class that I’m really interested in. I’ll get to understand and know what I should do in order to attract a random┬áperson out in a sea of millions of users to my content. Or how I should formulate my message to the people so they can understand me as a person and what I need to get across to them.

I get to have a partner to work with on projects like how to create a website or social media account about an issue or topic we get to choose and based on what we choose, we’re going to have to target an audience that might be interested in it.

It’s going to a lot of work in figuring out how to understand an audience and how to target them specifically. I’m going to have to work on targeting an audience based on many different factors.

For example, how would I know how to attract people to my store if I’m selling food? What kinds of food would be good for families coming in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? How will I attract audiences on social media sites if I am selling food?

Is it better to go on Pinterest than another social media website like Instagram? How would I market to an audience based on those websites?

There are many things I’m going to have to work on and it’ll be tons of work to get into the mind of a person who just wants a specific thing that you might be able to sell or create just for him or her.

I’ll work hard and try my best in this class! Wish me luck!