Here’s my weekly progress report for 1/30/2017 to 2/2/2016.

So we talked about recently about messages we are sending to our audience and how it can change their opinions and points of view about what they previously thought.

Depending on what they thought about, it all depends on how to portray that message and how you word it. If you put it too aggressively then it might push away your audience.

It also depends on the media as well. For our social media, we see things that we want to see. It’s basically a place where you can see the same people who think the same and dress the same as you. It also depends on where you live as well.

If you live in a state that’s very liberal and you move to a very conservative state, then one your social media newsfeed, you’ll see on your dashboard a bit more of a closed-minded POV based on the news that’s being circulated around the area.

It’s funny how the media influences us so much that we buy or consume things without thinking critically. We are an audience that consumes passively without a thought and when the media hammers in only a few point of views and not anyone else’s then you think the same way. You would never think about another person’s POV and their opinion.

We like to hear and see things we want and block and ignore the ones that disagree with our views. But there’s a downside to this.

When we only see one part of the story and not the whole view, then we see a one-sided argument and nothing else. Since humans like people who are like them, then there’s no debate or discussion about the other side of the coin.

We grow and evolve as people when we see all sides. We tend to think critically and speak our minds if we talk to another person totally different from us. If we only have tunnel vision, then our world gets smaller and doesn’t expand.


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