So for my weekly Progress Report for the week of 1/23/2017 to 1/27/2017.

So for our progress report, we had to pick our topics from a hat and I had the topic of “education”.

But then that was scrapped out and we are working with partners by picking one of the topics between us. So I was partnered with Tori and we’re both doing the topic of ” Internet security and privacy”.

Our first assignment is going to be about who is our demographic to this topic. We can choose many things from Internet Security and Privacy about who our audience is by demographic and psychographic stats.

For this topic, we can choose between who uses Internet which would be everyone in the general population. We could choose a smaller demographic based on age, gender, and where they live. For psychographics, we would have to ask why our audience would use the Internet (if to satisfy their communication between friends or to raise awareness to their personal life) .

So for example, the audience who would be not as concerned about privacy and security would be teenagers (13-18 years old) both male and female, and are in high school.

They go on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and ect. so much that they are one of the highest consumers of being active on social media than anyone else in the demographic.

They would post many things about their personal lives without thinking of where it’s being posted to who might read it.

They would need to know more about protecting their information from a large audience who would love to steal their identity.

We would have to make a website or a social media account about how it’s very important for those teenagers to be more aware of what they’re posting and where they’re giving away their information to so-called “secure sites” on the net.

So that’s the basic topic and what we’re going to turn soon.


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