This is my PR for 2/06/17 – 2/10/17.

So in class, we started to work on our projects. Me and Tori were working on a powerpoint about our topic:

How to protect users using mobile banking. Tori was the one who chose Regions banking since she was the one who uses it.

We both chose the topic because it was relevant to our main topic: security.

People are a bit caution on online banking and it’s understandable. With personal information being shared and inputted through countless websites all over the globe, anyone would be worried about their identity being stolen or credit cards being used by a random person.

Banks are really careful to help their customers by adding in additional privacy settings to make sure that you are really you.

Mobile banking can be very scary. With many mobile bank apps offering to help do your banking needs quicker by using the One-Touch thumbprint, what if anyone could have that information with just a click of a button?

I know, it’s pretty scary and that’s why Tori wanted to use Regions bank as a company that knows what their customer wants  and needs so they can be protected at to the fullest.


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