Here is my PR for 2/13/17 – 2/17/17

After preparing for our presentations, we finally present it.

For our presentation, Tori and I started our power point. We discussed our topic on Regions mobile banking and how it would protect our demographic from the potential fraud and concerns that they would have if they began mobile banking.

Our demographic was narrowed down to middle aged white men between the ages of 29-30, with an income of over 50K, and they have an education between high school or GED to those who graduated college with a degree.

This demographic are men who are banking either in person or online but have never tried to do mobile banking on their smartphones in fear of identity theft.

Everyone carries a phone that that phone as personal information you would never know it would have: emails, addresses to your contacts, to information about you as a person as you surf the web.

This demographic is more concerned about protecting their identity and their personal banking information from others due to the fact that people and technology might enable people to hack or steal into their smartphones and get their information.

As a solution, we’re sending them to Regions Mobile banking where they can do double checks on their identity by asking security questions only known to the individual and also the perks of using their application by paying bills and checking your bank account with just a text.

We’ve reassured our target audience that Regions bank is a great way to do mobile banking.



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