Here’s the PR for 2/20/17 – 2/24/17:

In class, we began talking about social media and the ways a simple message can change everything. Making sure you know your audience and what type of message you’re sending to that group is important to get an audience reaction out of them.

Social media is everywhere with major news outlets getting the latest information about different parts of the world through Twitter or getting their articles to their audience in real time on Facebook. Streaming videos live so people can share their lives with millions of people all over the world has increased tremendously.

People can share their whole lives with their audience and can get paid for it! Social media has made stories that you would never hear in real life, made into reality as you watch a person live in Paris as they walk and talk about their daily life.

You also have to be careful on what you post. One little mistake and that could multiply into one huge problem that you can’t take back.

Employers will be taking a look at people’s social media to get a guess at what kind of person they are to what they are in the private lives.

It’s great to share your life or your hobbies and interests to the world, but be careful in what you’re posting online. It’ll stay there forever.




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