Here is my PR for 2/27/17 – 3/3/17:

So in class, we began starting on our final projects. We made a task list that our professor gave us to make sure that our partners knew what they were doing and to be held accountable to make sure that the work is due on time.

Me and Tori basically split it up down the middle. If one person was going to recruit for the first Focus Group, then we both rotate the jobs for the second one.

The things that we had to do together like making sure that the website is running properly to creating the 2K words we’re going to have to put on the website. It’s going to be tough to figure out a topic since we can basically do anything, but we’ll figure out a way.

I already have topics in mind:

  • Volunteering around the community
  • Gaming (streaming live or editing or the reasons why people play video games)
  • Saving money while in college
  • How to make reading more fun
  • Getting to know more diverse cultures in TN

But for now, we haven’t decided on what to do yet. I’m still waiting for Tori’s topic ideas so we can finally choose our topic and work on it together.


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