Here is my assignment about Persuasion ex.

Christina Khetsisouvanh Media and Messages

Christina Khetsisouvanh
Professor Todd
Media and Messages 3460
Persuasive Writing Ex.


  1. Describe the three rhetorical appeals in persuasive messaging. What appeal do you think is the most effective when persuading an audience and why?

The three appeals are Bandwagon, Persuasive, and Rhetoric appeals.

Bandwagon is where you tell others that everyone is doing it.

Persuasive is where you can urge the audience to do something for you like supporting the charity by donating NOW, or getting them to buy something quickly before it’s gone.

Rhetoric is where you use the Ethos, Pathos, or Logos to appeal to the audience.

Personally, I think that Rhetoric appeal works well with the audience. You get to attract the audience on the emotional level, logic/reasoning, and through your authority. It gives the audience a feeling of comfort and understanding about the message.

  1. Using three persuasive writing techniques and three “quick tips,” convince a tween to a buy a C.D. instead of purchasing digital music or using streaming media.

Persuasive – For a very limited time only, get X’s CD today for $9.99! Get it now before it’s all gone!

Rhetoric– It’s X’s greatest hits all on one CD. Classics like XXXX and AAAA all here in one package. Don’t waste your time just buying one song! Get it all on his newest CD!

Bandwagon– X’s CD is finally here! Don’t miss all the latest hits and each CD purchased includes a free full length poster!