Here is my PR for 3/13/17 – 3/17/17:

So in class, we just started to talk about SEO, Search Engine Optimation where you have to use keywords in order to get your blog properly searched by an end user.

It’s pretty important to make sure that your blog as keywords about your topic. Google is a huge engine for searching up things all over the web. It’s great to your blog about puppies to be searched and read by people who love puppies. People search up what they like and click on things that relate to that search word.

Even in WordPress, you have (if you want) to put in keywords so you or others can find it easily in the blog.

On the downside, if you are talking about puppies in your blog, but there’s nothing about your topic on puppies, but you start to talk about the items you might need for puppies like toys, dog treats, and ect. the SEO might say that it’s not relevant to the topic enough for the end user to see it when they search up your blog.

You have to know what you’re going to put in as a keyword and also what the blog is going to be about before you do anything. For me, I usually talk about what I’m supposed to be talking about in the first few sentences of my blog post. That way, Google can see my first introduction and the keywords that come along with it and place it accordingly in their search¬†engines.

If you understand about SEOs, how they work, and thus how to manipulate the way they work, then your blog might be the first ones searchers see about your topic and the more traffic you’ll get through your blog.