Here is my PR for 3/20/17 – 3/24/17:

In class, we worked on our final project proposals. For me and Tori, our topic is about how to become an adult by learning the basics of becoming a productive citizen.

In many schools all over the US. there seems to be a very sore lack of practical skills for high schoolers who need to learn how to write checks, do their taxes, and learning how to live by themselves.

For some, most of these skills they were taught by their family members, but for me since my parents worked so much, they almost never had time to teach me on how to cook, clean, and do things I had to do once I set out on my own.

It was overwhelming to see that I had to become an adult and all the things that came with it. I had to learn how to clean the house, learn how to cook meals by myself, to trying and failing to get job interviews and work on my portfolio.

So, hopefully with this website me and Tori have created, many young college students are going to become well informed on the practical skills in becoming a productive member of society and learning on how to get to their dream job in small, easy steps.

When Tori did the focus group, she gave out simple questions on what a college student might need to learn: finances, interviewing/job skills, and learning how to manage their household.

Yeah, it’s pretty crazy to find yourself on your own the first time and there will be things you would never thought you needed to learn until now, but for this website, I hope that many college students will get the skills they need in order to become better adults.